Wednesday 13 March 2013

Pachai Pattani Vadai | Peas Vadai | Green Peas Fritters

Fritters made form ground green peas & onions mixed with Indian spices

This is yet another tasty simple recipe from the great cook I have ever met.. Hehe, ya my mom.. How intriguing is this fact rite!! Most of the people would give away the 'Best Cook ever known' award to their mom. Somehow, we are so used to their style & taste that we tend to compare any other food that we come across to theirs. And many a times we would also hear or make the comments 'Not as tasty as my mom's' or 'No one can beat my mom's chole poori' ;) 

Everyday the conversation with my mom would not be complete without asking each other what we cooked for the day.. Sometimes we won't have much to talk about. But still we would rattle about for long time about some new recipe or how something that we cooked turned out or what others commented about it. It was during one such conversation that she told me that she had prepared 'Peas Vadai' that day. I was amused. Had never heard of that vadai before. Immediately I asked her for the recipe and jotted it down. But still it took me a month to try it out.. Heights of laziness :D But I was really happy that I did. It was really good :) I enjoyed it with my evening cuppa hot coffee and the movie 'Eat, Pray & Love'

I Took:

Prepartion Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time : 20 minutes

Yield: 8 vadai

I Used:

Peas               - ½ cup
Onion             - 1 no - medium sized - chopped
Fennel seeds   - A pinch
Garlic             - 2 cloves
Ginger            - An inch piece
Red Chilly       - 3 no
Corn flour       - 3 tbsp
Garam Masala  - 1 tsp
Salt                - As needed
Oil                 - As needed

The Way:

  1. Grind together peas, fennel seeds, ginger, garlic and red chilly with a little water
  2. Add onion, garam masala, salt and corn flour to the ground paste and mix well
  3. Make into small patties/vadai shapes on the palm of your hand, from the mix
  4. Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry/deep fry and serve with hot kaapi/chai :)


Can substitute maida for corn flour if required



  1. Really good pics Chitra. Love the recipe too. Will try it out sometime :)

    1. Try it Priya!! U will love the taste too :)

  2. peas are my fav, bookmarked this, thnx for sharing dear..

  3. You made the recipe look so simple, yet the outcome looks rich & very alluring!!
    With a cup of tea, it is ultimate to say the least.
    You know, only when I go home I make all these exotic recipes & my mom& dad would always go gaga over me when it turns out good. I'm happy to have joined the blogging community, it is really helpful!!
    Also great shot, the idea of placing the vada over newspaper is innovative although I could not understand what is written on the paper :-)

    1. Haha.. Try them when u r back home then :)
      And the newspaper is not my own idea.. I have seen some food photography sites use that.. Felt it was nice.. Coz we use newspapers to squeeze out the oil when we eat in shops na !! Same way :) And the news is in Norwegian.. Hence not understandable :P

    2. oho Norwegian!! Got it, Chitz :-)

  4. wow...super tempting vadas!!! Thx for dropping by my space & happy to follow u too..Keep rocking!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. wow have a cool space.first time here and happy to follow you

  6. wow citz lovely space and thanks for hopping by my blog :) vadai looks yummm dear :)
    Am your new follower .. wud be glad if you follow me back :)

  7. Wow delicious vadas, thks for stopping by, glad to follow u back :-)

  8. Wow!!! Something new yet interesting. I am excited to discover that green peas can be converted to an amazing vadai or fritters. Gonna try this and serve them piping hot.

    1. Thanks Navneetham :) Let me know how it turned out !!

  9. Sona - Quick Picks15 March 2013 at 18:32

    lovley friters CHitz..and , just did some today....not the same...and me too went for newspapers for the foto shoot. :)

  10. Love the texture nice n crunchy

  11. lovely recipe..looks delicious


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