Tuesday 17 December 2013

Persimmon Chia Yogurt Verrines - From my Guest

Now, is that a co-incidence or the heights of my lethargy, I'm not sure. But the next post after my guest post is a guest post for me from a very special blogger friend of mine ;) :D Guess who is doing the first guest post for me?? Yeah, she is the creative food photographer, food stylist & the wonderful Meena from elephants and the coconut trees. I am a great fan of her lovely pics. She tells the story of the dish through her appealing & mouth watering pics, which make me crave for them right away. Her Unakka Chemmen Podi is a award winning recipe which has brought me great accolades at my home :) 

So Meena is one of my great blogger buddy who constantly encourages me with my posts & recipes :) When I asked her to do a guest post for me, she immediately accepted & presented with 3 wonderful recipes & pics to choose from. I actually wanted tell her to do all 3 for me :D but then my sis intervened & selected this dish :) To tell the truth, I am a great fan of persimmon a.k.a sharon fruit & it was with great delight that I seconded my sis's decision :) 

So now, over to Meena dear !!

Thank you so much Chitz for inviting me to your space.It is such an honor to do this guest post for you. I will never forget that you were one among the first to join my blog and encourage me all along.

Hello lovely readers,

I am Meena, who blogs at elephants and the coconut trees.I am from Kerala,India currently living in California, United States with my husband and tween. I am a complete foodie and enjoy all kinds of cuisines. 

I started cooking after marriage and it was never easy for me. Those days there was no Google to help either. I must say I have done so many experiments and the poor man of mine just gulped it down.Then came the daughter.. a very sweet girl but she could reject food like a Master Chef judge :) That being said times have improved. Non vegetarian,super spicy food and baked goodies just vanish in no time:) I started blogging to acquaint daughty with Kerala food and to keep track of everything else that happened in my kitchen.

Persimmon is a fruit looks like tomato but gives a faint taste and smell of mango.Unripe ones can be really astringent and bitter.So pick ones that give in to a press. Persimmon freeze very well and ones thawed it is really pulpy and tastes really sweet that I do not use any extra sweetener when I eat, not even honey. 

The quality of the verrines lie on the yogurt you use.I used whipping cream and made yogurt at home.It really gives a creamy texture and certainly enhances the taste. Persimmon Chia Yogurt Verrine is an ideal fall dessert to make in large batch.It can also be had as a breakfast on the go if you were to fill it in jar with tight lid .

Ingredients :

Fuyu Persimmon - 2 ( 1 per person)
Homemade yogurt from heavy whipping cream - 4 -5 tbsp( Really thick not sour)
Chia seed - 1 1/2 tbsp
Honey - 2 tsp

Method :

  • Wash ,wipe and freeze ripe persimmon for 24 hours.
  • Soak chia seeds in 1/2 glass water and let it stand for 1 hour to expand or overnight in fridge.
  • When u are ready to assemble in the glass simply take out the frozen persimmon put it in warm water for a few minutes then cut off leave part and peel  the skin gently with potato peeler (u might have to hold the fruit with a paper towel or cloth as the fruit would be still cold).Cut into bite size pieces

To assemble 

  • Arrange few pieces of fruit at the bottom of the glass then slowly put 2 tbsp of yogurt per glass then hold a spoon upside down on top of  the yogurt  and gently pour 2-3 tsp of chia seeds onto the back of the spoon.So the layers would not mix up .On top add add the remaining cut fruits.Serve chilled or at room temperature.
  • Before serving drizzle some honey.

Thank you so much Chitz for giving me an opportunity to be your guest.Wish you all the best and hope you join Deepak soon.

And that was the very sweet lady from the land of 'coconuts & elephants' :) treating me & my dear readers will a fall dessert. Thank you so much Meena for doing this guest post for me.. I do miss Persimmons & you made me reminiscence of my indulgence of it :)