Thursday 2 June 2016

Savory Semolina Cake | Savoury Rava Cake | Eggless Savory Rava Bread

So, here I am back with an easy recipe for all you lovely readers out there.. Am I going to be regular here from now on? I hope so.. So this is a very interesting recipe that can be served for breakfast or as a snack too ! I always have a soft spot for baked goodies & when I saw this interesting recipe with a twist at 'Erivum Puliyum', I decided I had to make it :) It is very easy except for the veggie chopping part. The rest is just whisk, whisk, whisk & bake !

Recipe Source: Here

I Took : 

Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Baking Time : 30 minutes

Makes : An 8 inch loaf

I Used:

Semolina  - 1 cup
Carrot  - 1 medium sized (finely chopped)
Beans - 6-8 no (finely chopped)
Ginger - 1 inch piece (finely chopped or grated)
Green Chilly - 3 nos (finely chopped)
Thick Yogurt - ½ cup 
Butter - 1 tbsp
Baking Soda - ½ tsp
Oil - 3 tbsp
Water - As required
Salt - As required
Coriander Leaves - 2 tbsp (finely chopped)

To Temper:

Mustard  - 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Sesame  - 1 tsp

The Way:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degree C
  2. Combine together the semolina (rava), salt & yogurt. Now add the chopped carrot, chopped beans, chopped ginger, finely chopped green chillies, chopped coriander & mix well
  3. Heat oil in a pan. When it heats up, splutter the mustard. Then add the cumin seeds & sesame. Take care not to brown. Now add this tempering to the semolina batter & give it a mix
  4. Grease the baking pan with butter
  5. Add baking soda to the batter & give it a whisk
  6. Pour the batter into the baking pan & garnish the top with some sesame seeds
  7. Bake for 25-30 minutes or till done (A tooth pick inserted would come out clean)
Serve warm with chutney or ketchup & a smoothie of your choice :)


    1. Baking soda is for the bread to rise properly. So add it in the end just before putting it to bake in the oven
    2. You can add veggies of your choice which can be baked easily like peas, zucchini etc
    3. Do not use sour yogurt. It can compromise the taste