Thursday 10 January 2019

Cherupayar Curry | Green Gram Gravy | Easy Side dish for Puttu

Since I talked quite a lot in my last post, I am in a mood for less talk and more business now ;) So what I am bringing to you today is a very easy side dish for the Puttu, the green gram gravy or the Cherupayar Curry. It is so easy that my entire preparation of puttu and this cherupayar gravy will be ready in less than 45 minutes. And since it is a legume it is quite healthy and makes the puttu-cherupayar combo a wholesome meal giving you carbs as well as protein. The only thing that will consume your time will be grating the coconut. If you have that handy then the rest is a breeze. So shall we see how to make this yummy gravy.. 


I Took: 

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes


Serves : 2-3 persons

I Used:

Cherupayar/Green Gram - ½ cup
Turmeric powder - ¼ tsp
Salt - As Needed
Curry leaves - 2 sprigs

To Grind:
Grated Coconut - ½ cup
Cumin Seeds - ½ tsp
Green Chilly - 2 nos - slit

To Temper:
Coconut Oil - 1 tbsp
Shallots - 6-8 nos - sliced

The Way:

1. Rinse the green gram in water 2-3 times. Then take them in a pressure cooker. Add enough water (around 2-2.5 cups) and salt. Pressure cook them till done. I keep 2-3 whistles in high and 8-10 whistles in sim flame

2. The green gram should be cooked till they turn soft and mushy. If you want to reduce the cooking time then soak the green gram in water overnight or for 3 hours before cooking

3. While the green gram is getting cooked, grind together the grated coconut, green chillies & cumin seeds to a smooth paste along with little water

4. Once the green gram is cooked, allow the pressure to release naturally. Then add the ground paste and turmeric powder and give a nice stir

5. Allow them to cook on simmer for 3-4 minutes till they come together and then switch off the flame

6. Now in another tadka/small pan, heat coconut oil. Add the sliced shallots. Reduce the flame and saute them till they change colour to golden brown. Take care that they are not burnt

7. Once they change colour, switch off flame and add them to the green gram gravy. Add the curry leaves and give a gentle stir

Serve hot with Puttu !



  1. Have never seen those green chickpeas here...the gravy sounds really great.

  2. healthy one to serve with puttu,love the combo


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