Thursday 5 July 2018

Coffee Popsicles | Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles

I always wanted to try my hand at coffee and ice tea popsicles coz Deeps, like any other Malayali, would never say no to a cuppa tea or coffee anytime of the day ! So I was sure that he would approve these popsicles ;) That was when I saw in Sharmis blog these coffee popsicles. Voila, this is the universe's way of telling me that I should make them soon (I'm her die hard fan, so now it makes sense right). Then I googled more and found that the combo of condensed milk and a strong French roast coffee decotion is what makes a Vietnamese coffee and this popsicle is inspired from that. A strong coffee decotion sweetened with condensed milk. What can go wrong na?? ;)

You know how the Vietnamese coffee is made? Condensed milk is taken in a glass. And French drip filters or Vietnamese Phin filters are placed on top. And coffee drips from those filters to the glass of condensed milk. When the coffee is done dripping, you stir them up and serve. If it is iced Vietnamese coffee, then you pour this coffee into a glass of ice and serve. So cool right :D For the coffee it is 4 parts of coffee to 1 part condensed milk. But for the popsicle it is 3 parts coffee to 1 part condensed milk. This is so because condensed milk is difficult to freeze well it seems! 

And as I anticipated, the little one was very much happy to have this popsicles. Deeps caught a cold when I made this and so couldn't taste them. So me and the little one shared the 6 pops between us ;) It is difficult to say no to him when he jumps up and down saying 'Ice cream, ice cream' every time I open the fridge you know :D So shall we now see how to make these rich and tasty pops?

Preparation Time : 15 minutes 

Setting Time : 8 hours (or freeze overnight)

Recipe Inspiration : Here

Makes : 6 popsicles

I Used:

Water  - ¾ cup
Milk (boiled & cooled) - 1 cup
Sugar (optional) - 2 tbsp (as needed)
Instant coffee powder - ¾ cup
Condensed Milk (sweetened) - 1/3 cup

The Way:

1. Take water in a saucepan. Add sugar (if you feel the sweetness of milkmaid is sufficient then can omit sugar) and instant coffee powder to it and mix well. Then boil it for around 2 minutes. Then switch off and allow it to cool down completely

2. Now add milk (boiled and cooled) and mix well

3. Then add the condensed milk (milkmaid) and mix well

4. Now pour this to the popsicle moulds so that they are 3/4 th filled. Then freeze them in refrigerator overnight

5. While serving, show the popsicle moulds under running tap water for a minute and then carefully de-mould them. This will ensure that they get removed smoothly and come out firm. Serve immediately


  • If you want to have layers you can play around a bit. You can have a layer of coffee decotion or a layer of heavy cream and condensed milk (have seen this in some other blogs)



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